Thursday, 14 May 2015

Final release still to come...

Hi guys! Of late, I've been quite busy with a lot of work, but have been able to achieve much with a number of enhancements to the final release version 1 of WD Officepad. So don't feel like the app has been abandoned at all because in actual sense, it's even improving! With every new release comes nicer and finer enhancements that will make the app simpler to use for all groups of users worldwide. Just to mention a few, there'll be features such as an inbuilt Notes Manager functionality for enabling you to rename, move, copy and even delete files and folders without ever opening Windows Explorer, improved Text Finder with Regular Expressions searching, Replace Next and Replace All additions, quick creation of new notes right from within the note-viewer through word selections, added commenting feature to Officepad's Dictionaries plus more. Please be patient, be and do your best, and always always have fun with it!

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