Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Beta 1350 release is now out! 

The new WD Officepad Beta release 1350 has been officially released. There were quite some bugs and issues in the previous Beta release 1200. Also, some improvements had to be made to simplify and enhance the experience even more and make it easy for all users to "feel at home". If you're an existing user, just hop-in and upgrade your previous version to this nicer release; else, if you're a new user, join the others in this wonderful experience and hope that you'll enjoy this personal text editor in the very best and most natural of ways.

You can now download release 1350 directly!
If you find any issues with downloading, you may also visit:

Once you download, unzip the package and run the "WD Officepad 1" executable (.exe) file to start the app. You will be guided on what to do from there onwards.

For all existing users, if you find any issues with the Automatic Upgrader as reported by a user, please follow this simple guide:

After extracting the zip archive, copy these files to your previous WD Officepad directory:
  • The executable "WD Officepad 1.exe"
  • The file "AutocompleteMenu.dll"
  • The file "Scriptor.completions" from the "Scriptor" folder from within the "Officepad Resources" folder.
  • You can also copy the "Brownified.xml" theme file to your existing Officepad Themes Gallery directory. It's a new theme.
Well after that, you're good to go! Now, there will be no need for you to use the downloaded package, just go and open your currently existing WD Officepad folder and run the app from there. Have fun!

Also feel free to post any comments down below... Enjoy yourselves!