Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sometimes, for one to build something beyond amazing, it just requires them to have a completely new concept in mind...something unique...something that's different from the others. And that's where Officepad came from. It's not just about writing texts and saving them, not just about the "File, Edit, Search, Undo, Redo..." kinds of menus or even use Message Boxes that keep on popping-up all the time with "Error! File Not saved Mister..." or even the font sizes that make most people not be able to read well as they use the app, making their eyes so very tired with time. It's more than just that, because its people that the apps and software interact with and not other PCs... and that's why apps ought to have that personal "touch and feel" for all their users out there.

Try WD Officepad today and experience the difference...it may just be your thing, (maybe/maybe not)
To download the new official release, click here.

Also to notify all users, there has been an issue with Dropbox popping up a message that the public download link generated too much traffic due to a large number of users downloading the file. This is unfortunate (and way too sad) as Dropbox lets users reach a maximum download traffic of about 100,000 users per stream and a reach of 20GB for any shared file download. Because of this, I've dropped Dropbox as the public download site for WD Officepad. You can now go to Google Drive to get the latest releases and tools, or if you're generous enough, you can also open up your own repository(ies) to support all WD Officepad users around the globe.

Now, you can directly go to the online repository to view and download the latest versions and even upgrade to any versions you prefer. WD Officepad (Build 1350) was released very recently and is now within the repository. Always feel free to check them out at any time.

To visit the official online repository (Google Drive), click here